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Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

I love a purse with charm, and by that I mean one that can transform a look in an instant. Christian Louboutin’s new handbags can change your personality with the switch of a strap! Feathered or spiked, the interchangeable…

All black never hurts.

All black never hurts.

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Jariss Wears: Labels’ Slash bag

A little over a month ago, I featured my Shelley Classic Sling. Here’s a casual variation of that satin purse which is perfect for our inner urbanity. Slash is made up of 2 non-glossy fabrics, the tassels being garterized jersey. The chain is rather shorter than my other purse’s, but this may be customized according to your liking.

I decided to take my Slash bag for a rainy ride to school. It’s the perfect scene stealer. I always pair it with simple tops because it deserves undivided attention. ;) Here’s a closer look at my arm candy:

Black Slash Bag from Labels

Thanks again to Miss Shelley and Miss Raem of Labels for my everyday purses!

(c) Fashion Firewoman


Jariss Wears: Labels

Labels was kind enough to send me 2 lovely bags, one of which is this black purse. Were you able to read the feature I did for them? This was made possible by Miss Shelley and Miss Raem, the names behind the beautifully-crumpled bags.

Although made of satin, this bag doesn’t shine like a formal gown; it actually looks like leatherette from afar. Labels allows you to adjust the chain length and color to your liking. I preferred a silver chain that fell on my hips. That way, it will look like a purse you borrowed from mom— very vintage!

Black Shelley Classic Sling

It’s tiny compared with the bags I usually bring but it’s surprisingly a spacious purse. I was able to stuff my vanity kit and some piano pieces inside with much space left. Unlike my other purses, these are handmade locally by people from the South. There are tons of variations of this bag. They are currently cooking up new collections we have to patiently wait for. You may visit their site to see their other designs and colors, and to know how to make this bag yours.

It’s feminine and very vintage-looking— it’s a certified headturner. I’d bring it with me everyday if I didn’t change bags ever so often.

Thanks again to Miss Shelley and Miss Raem for the lovely bags!

(c) Fashion Firewoman


Shop Alert: Labels

Cut a piece of satin fabric, sew it into a crumpled-looking finish, add a 36” chain— this is how a Shelley Sling is made, simply put. Read the rest to know how fabric-crumpling from the South turned out to be a hit.

Based in Iloilo, Labels is run by a duo of young professionals who function separately for the brand. Raem Superio (not in photo), a true-blooded entrepreneur, is in charge of marketing and promotion while Shelley Guitanguijo-Buenconsejo (the girl below), an events organizer, shoulders design and production. Shelley makes the bags herself and due to such pure talent, Raem saw a business opportunity. Together, these 2 have been working their way up the business scene slowly by the word of mouth and through social networking sites.

The first collection of bags was launched midyear. The Shelley Classic Sling collection comes in 13 colors, all of which are handmade and customizable— you may choose the chain color (gold and silver) and length. This collection is made of crumpled satin, remaining true to its name, Classic. Grab these one of a kind bags starting at Php750.

Due to the increasing demand for their bags, Labels came up with variations of the Shelley Classic Sling collection by using different prints and adding tassels. The Shelley Silver Pluie collection carries more edgy and glam-rock bags for those who dare. “The Silver Pluie collection is Shelley’s way of expressing herself”, Raem adds.

These bags may be ordered online through their Facebook page.

Labels leans towards catering to everyone— it wants to make design dreams into retail reality. Because of this, Shelley continuously comes up with new designs that everyone can appreciate. Shelley says, “I am aware that people have different preferences and I always try to give them what they are looking for, themselves.” Said like a true artist. (c) Fashion Firewoman

Photos courtesy of Labels, Raem Superio