ION Orchard: Up-scale shops at night

I couldn’t help but take photos of these high-end designer labels at night. It’s a little off to put Chanel’s photo with this set because it wasn’t taken at night. *laughs*


Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010

First take: Too black.

Second take: Wait, goth? Really?

Rating: 2/5

Style: They went for goth by using black as the predominant color and red for a twist. Most handles were beaded and bag charms were everywhere. The collection overflowed with knits and leopard prints.

Verdict: I don’t see goth in black and leopard. Instead, I see Cruella in the wild. They did not experiment on shapes, they went satchel all throughout.  Leopard print plus knits? No way. Very tacky especially with the red pigment. Or maybe they just didn’t execute it well. I will not spend 4 figures on these. Nope. Not ever.