FashBack: Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2009

When I was a frosh and working as a features staffer for the school publication, I was tasked to cover Philippine Fashion Week (PFW) because of one Benildean who was part of the New Generation Show— I can’t really remember his/her name but what I do remember are the ambush interviews I did with my friend Abbu Cabrera who was working as a news staffer.

In this weak video (I apologize for my poor skills), you will see Project Runway 1 and 2 finalists Veejay Floresca, one of the ecstatic gays from the Miss Universe 2010 funny video and Santi Obcena, the most consistent from his batch of designers. You will also see Cebuana designer and owner of Vanilla Label Vania Romoff, Greta De Castro who shone light on my taffeta dreams and Kat Corpuz who dazzled me with her Leonila dress. I was also able to talk to designer Sassa Jimenez and top model Teresa Herrera, who was so kind to ask a few questions about me.

Seeing the video again made me realize how young and nervous I was (hint: manifested in my many “yahs”) talking to these designers especially with Veejay who has been a personal favorite ever since I saw him on Project Runway. I swear I could have froze to Vania’s beauty or Kat’s dress but I’d like to believe that I was able to sail through.

I’m glad that I knew what I was talking about so the interviews weren’t all Q&A, it was more like a conversation between a designer and an avid fan but really, aside from Veejay and Santi, I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the people in the video. No offense intended, I just haven’t had the chance to familiarize myself with Filipino designers back then and I’m still working on it until now. ;)

I was 17, talking taffeta and pleating with Filipino designers, seating on the front row of every fashion show that afternoon. Looking back made emotions rush back, mixed excitement and regret; the latter, because I know I could have documented this better. It’s not everyday that a Multimedia Arts frosh gets an express ticket to front row to PFW— it was an early experience that I will definitely remember.

(c) Fashion Firewoman