Birthday Blog Giveaway Winner: Mary had a little bow


So I joined Fashion Firewoman’s birthday giveaway and I won this adorable top Mary had a little bow from The Pinup Girl ! Yay me! :)

I know it’s called Mary had a little bow but I prefer a big bow hahaha.

And and and,

Andie, the owner  of The Pinup Girl , was too kind; she gave away cute goodies too! I got a memo pad, a bow hair band and a bow pin. 

Thanks so much Jariss and Andie! :)

I love the other stuff you got.*envious*



Got my POSHies last Friday!! Special thanks to Ms. Jariss of Fashion Firewoman!

She hosted a Blog Giveaway and I was lucky enough to win one of the prizes.

A pair of black Prima Flats from POSH Pocket Shoes

I was supposed to get only a pair of shoes but she surprised me with a top…

Rizelle Vergara finally got the shoes she won from my birthday blog giveaway courtesy of POSH Pocket Shoes! :)


I just received really lovely accessories right now. Thanks Jariss! She threw in an extra bunny ring because of the delay. So sweet of her to do that. ♥
The accessories given to me by Jariss are from Mia Casa. You guys should check the store out! :)


I just received really lovely accessories right now. Thanks Jariss! She threw in an extra bunny ring because of the delay. So sweet of her to do that. ♥

The accessories given to me by Jariss are from Mia Casa. You guys should check the store out! :)

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Birthday Blog Giveaway Winner: Reg Rodriguez

Reg Rodriguez took home a pair of Jasmine oxfords thanks to Irish Aguinaldo of Feetish. Here’s how she styled her first pair of oxfords:

Shoes are my weakness, so imagine my joy upon finding out I won shoes from the Fashion Firewoman's birthday giveaway. Yipee! Wore it right away as my mom and I grabbed merienda (afternoon snack) in the form of chicken inasal and korean ice cream. Colorful shoes on my feet and popsicle in hand, I definitely felt summer cool.

This is just an excerpt from her original blog post.

(c) Fashion Firewoman


Site Update: Winners of my Birthday Blog Giveaway

Hi everyone! It’s the 12th of April and my birthday month is officially over. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude for all the questions, comments, greetings, messages, follows, likes and reblogs during my birthday month. I really appreciate the kindness and love.

Let’s not forget the 80-something entries I got for my first ever blog giveaway. I’d like to acknowledge the effort of everyone who joined. Thank you for following the guidelines and keeping with the format from my sample entry. You guys made it so much easier for me to tabulate the entries—there were more than a thousand—this means each person was able to accumulate around 15-20 entries! Thank you very much for liking/adding the sponsors.

Speaking of sponsors, my birthday blog giveaway would not have been possible without the help of the sponsors below. The shop owners are much too kind to make my birthday last the whole month by sharing their lovely products for my readers to enjoy…some of them even gave me a little something to keep for myself, too. The shops who participated in my giveaway are really established and I’m still very much humbled by their trust and support— I’m just starting out as a fashion blogger but you guys make me feel like I really do belong in this industry. Really, thank you so much.


The winners have been contacted prior to this post’s publish date. If you see your name here but haven’t received an e-mail from me, please let me know right away. Oh and check your spam! :)

The winners of the 50% off discounts are…

Charlene Ajose
Pamela Botanero
Kenny Santillan

The winner of the Prima Ballerina Flats is…
Rizelle Vergara

The winner of the Mary Had a Little Bow top is…
Renee Espenilla

The winner of the Checkered Bow + Happy Feet Sandals is…
Kristine Miranda

The winner of the Jasmine Oxfords is…
Reg Rodriguez

The winner of the Prism Flats is…
Cristine Gayle Beltran

The winner of the Mia Casa loot is…
Jeline Catacutan

The 2 winners of Cotton Espadrilles are…

James Agtarap
Ava Te

The 2 winners of the Php1000 worth of Asian Vogue items are…

Camille Cua
Naomi Cammayo


Thanks again to the lovely shop owners :

Miss Bem Lim of Trunk Show
Miss Nadine de Guzman of POSH Pocket Shoes
Miss Andie Bordallo of The Pinup Girl Store
Miss Cha Sy of Extreme Finds
Miss Irish Aguinaldo of Feetish
Miss Jenny Uy of Mia Casa
Miss Raychelle Tan and Sir Aren Pe of Sole Service
Miss Angel del Rosario of Asian Vogue

For the record, I didn’t have to revisit the e-mail exchanges to recall the owners’ names given my poor memory for names… I already know these by heart. If the shop is owned by a group, I only mentioned the people I’ve talked to regarding the giveaway.

I’m also acknowledging the co-owners: Miss Bem Lim’s sister, Miss Jenny Uy’s sister and the entire team of Sole Service.


I’m really glad I was able to share a little something may it be in a form of a fashion advice, a giveaway prize or a trivia about myself. Do know that I always try to think of new ways to improve the content I post here. I always make sure that I keep everyone in the know with my (hopefully) more relatable blog posts. :)

If Random.org wasn’t in favor of you in spite of your effort, please don’t be disheartened. The winners were chosen randomly. Because of the success of my birthday blog giveaway, I promise that I’ll try to make giveaway as as regular as possible. Sponsors and collaborators are welcome.

Again, to the sponsors, thank you. To the winners, congratulations! To everyone, God speed!

With utmost gratitude,

Fashion Firewoman